All classes are ongoing and drop in friendly, single classes, 10 week class cards and 12 week Summer semester can be purchased on the main page of this website, simply scroll down.


The Break Room w/Rhythm Riderz Crew
5-7pm $10

Come join The Rhythm Riderz Crew every Sunday, for a community break session. Live DJ’s each week. All levels and experience are welcome!


Just B-kids w/Steve Wish Shannon
4-5pm $10

This is a fun kids’ Hip Hop dance class rooted the art of Breakin’ (“breakdancing”) for all the young b-boys and b-girls out there! With a disciplined but playful approach to dancing, this class teaches children of any experience level how to move their bodies in a safe and controlled new way, while listening to positively charged music in a supportive atmosphere with other kids their age. Choreography as well as freestyle are explored, and pieces of the rich cultural history of Hip Hop are discussed as they relate to the dance. High-energy in nature, this class is perfect kids who like physical activity and will be able to learn the basics of breakdancing and Hip Hop in a fun, supportive environment. All levels are welcome.

Adult Breakdance w/ Wish Mondays
5:30-7pm $17

Breakin’ (or “Breakdancing”): It’s not all head-spins, handstands, and back flips. It’s the official, original dance of Hip Hop culture; a social dance style that people of all ages, abilities, and body types can participate in. This class focuses on the foundational, fundamental movements of top-rock, footwork, freezes, threads, and basic powermoves; as well as the history, cultural significance, and evolution of the moves and the dance itself. Creativity, musicality, improvisation/freestyle, originality, practice techniques, and more subjects are explored in each class, but most importantly… WE HAVE FUN! This class is a supportive environment with a “challenge-by-choice” philosophy. Students won’t be pushed to perform any moves that they are uncomfortable with, but you just may find yourself doing some things that you never imagined you could do before long. Whether you’ve been dancing forever or never, you’ll fit right in.


World Jazz Fusion w/Lois Trombley
5:30-7pm $17

Calling dancers to this unique class, blending World forms with Jazz and other techniques.


Hip Hop w/ Lois and DJ Mo-T
6-7:30pm $17

All levels are welcome in this very empowering community class. Exploring Hip Hop techniques and the advanced aspects of lyrical expression through the beautiful art of Hip Hop. Accompanied by DJ MotherTrucker, Rebecca Mack, playing beats and collaborating in the creative and evolutionary process with real, live turntables. This class is Burlington’s only Hip Hop Dance class featuring a live DJ!


Cabaret/Burlesque w/ Lois
6-7:30 $17

Bust out your fishnets and fedoras for this fun, sexy, confidence building class. We will learn stylized Jazz techniques while exploring both traditional and contemporary Cabaret and Burlesque forms. Students will have the opportunity to play with chairs, fans and other fun props while finding their own character and playful style.

*18+ unless with parent/guardian permission.